My Future #withariane

Ariane 6, the new generation of European launchers

It’s the new generation of Ariane rockets. More flexible and more competitive, Ariane 6 will concentrate a host of innovative technologies. It’s planned for 2020, and we have only one thing to say: we’re im-pa-tient to let you see it!

A rocket that’s up-to-date

Capable of fulfilling a wide range of missions and reaching any orbit, Ariane 6 will be able to carry payloads weighing up to 20 tonnes to Low Earth Orbit, a mass equivalent to three African elephants! To be able to do this amazing feat, Ariane 6 will come in two versions: Ariane 62, with two strap-on solid fuel boosters and Ariane 64 with four boosters for heavier payloads. It’s important to point out that the engineers who are working on the new Ariane are aiming to slash production costs by 40% to 50% compared to Ariane 5. The first launch contracts are for four satellites for Europe’s Galileo navigation system that will be put into orbit by an Ariane 6. We’re expecting others quite soon.

6: A lucky number

Ariane 6 is just the start of the journey. Determined to stay on the leading edge of spatial innovations for Ariane, Europe is developing a new engine. The “Prometheus” propulsion system will reduce a rocket’s weight, enhancing performance even more.

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