My Career #withariane

Heads in the stars, crammed with numbers!

Launching a rocket into space demands incredibly precise mental and mathematical skills. The millions of parts that constitute Ariane rockets and calculating their trajectory after they lift off from the launch pad require masses of instantaneous calculations. It’s enough to make an engineer’s brains boil!

A life devoted to Ariane

Did you know that each Ariane launch represents 80 years of man-hours of effort from our teams? None of it would be possible without the teamwork and enthusiasm of some 6,000 collaborators in locations throughout Europe and the rest of the world who work tirelessly to make sure each launch goes without a hitch. It’s a real team-spirit effort with a common goal of success. Young people – and the not-so-young too – dream of becoming astronauts. But did you know that lots of occupations come into play in space exploration? Here’s a quick look at some of the skills that the space industry needs. Every single launch requires a vast number of professions! Several years before each launch, thousands of skilled employees start working on the program. They include system engineers, architects, research and development engineers, production technicians and integration engineers, but also purchasing managers, project controllers, lawyers, quality control experts etc. Each one of them is a crucial link to build Ariane 5 launchers, preparing launch campaigns and carry out launches.

Each Ariane 5 launch represents 700,000 hours of work, equivalent to 80 years of man-hours!

Avoiding risk, every day

Making sure that each program goes according to plan requires a host of project managers whose job is to oversee and organise. In addition, there are legal experts, sales teams and purchasing managers, all making a daily contribution to their exciting project. But where Ariane stands out from all other projects is the way it involves highly skilled people, all working to improve lives, benefit the Earth and enhance scientific research. Like all leading-edge sectors, the skills of today won’t necessarily be those of tomorrow. That’s why working for Ariane creates a pioneer spirit that’s open to all kinds of innovation. More than a mission, it’s a real adventure with people working together for a common goal.

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